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Before & After: Layout

Tintri needed a "quick-start" type of document for its partners. The original felt cramped and hard to read. I redesigned the layout and organized the text so the reader can quickly scan the page and get the information. The icons were also updated to be of a consistent style.

Before: original document

Before: original document

After: my design

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Logo and Website Design

A local nonprofit gardening organization needed help with getting a more professional look. I designed a new logo that had dignity and warmth to reflect their culture of cultivation. The website mock-up is a simple improvement for what their web capabilities currently can handle.

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Minimal Night Scene

This illustration was inspired by a full moon I saw recently. First, I work in black and white to establish a value hierarchy. Then I play with colors and adjust.

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Wireframing with Adobe Xd

I am so exited that Adobe is developing Xd, it's own rapid design and prototyping software. I tried out the Windows Beta, and it's quite agile in handling. Below is a simple wireframe for an app that I've been "developing." This builds on the cookie icons I made a while back. Someone has to try the product right?

These would be the cookie icons that go into the circles.

And the fun part: making the connections between screens.

As of this moment, the Windows Beta version of Xd is lacking in some key functions that Mac users currently enjoy. I look forward to more updates on this software, it looks like this is the kind of program UI designers really need.

Before and After: Resume Re-Design

Stop employers in their tracks and get noticed.

This project involved taking a standard text resume and elevating it to an eye-catching, professional level. I used my design skills and also my ability to improve the copy (text) to be the most effective and concise that it can be. 



This resume was too long at two pages. The amount of words needed to be cut down and re-written to showcase the best accomplishments and skills of this person. I crafted the narrative of the resume to tell the story of a rising star in her industry.



Naturally, such an accomplished candidate requires a clean, impactful design. I used my skills to design a resume that would stop employers in their tracks and take notice. The fonts are indicative of the candidate's personality and are appropriate for the industry niche that she is seeking placement in.

This candidate received several interviews within a few weeks, and each employer had remarked upon her great looking resume.

Do you need a resume update? Feel free to CONTACT ME to see how a redesign like this can help you.

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International Trade Show Booths

For three years, I had designed a real estate company's booth for the prestigious LPS Expo in China. This is a very large, international event for luxury properties. The design of the booth had the goal of capturing the high-end prospective buyer's attention and showcasing the client's inventory. In addition, the client wanted to sell the benefits of the location of the inventory. 


To help the client appreciate the design in context, I used SketchUp to mockup a 3D representation of the booth. This way the client can easily visualize walking through the booth. Since the event was in China, we could not preview the booth until after it was fabricated. So this 3D rendering was very valuable to have for preparing for the event.

Front-facing wall on lower level.

Front-facing wall on lower level.

Back wall on the upper level.

Back wall on the upper level.

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Logo Design WIP

Logo exploration for an Interior Designer. First, I sketched several concepts after the initial consultation. Then I did a second round on some of them in Illustrator. The third step was to consider typography and color.

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Landing Page Images

My client wanted to replace their landing page images. The previous images had been bland stock photos. The client wanted images that represented their unique take on the data storage industry. I used my photo compositing skills along with my eye for lighting and color. The results are more lively, meaningful, and colorful images.

Software Architecture

Isometric diagram of a cloud-based software's architecture. Usually these diagrams are flat and very "MS Paint" looking, so the client wanted something more visually interesting but also technically accurate. I also designed the page layout for a nice presentation and incorporated a nod to the company's logo in the top right corner.

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Trade Show Booth 2016

The client was a cloud-storage firm with a wonderfully quirky marketing theme: goats. So I designed this backdrop for their upcoming trade show. It captures the whimsy of their existing marketing with the goat flying a kite - a tetrahedral kite which bears resemblance to the company logo. The illustrative style is sure to stand out at a convention where most companies will do the typical "tech" look.

Below are a couple of alternative designs. The client preferred the illustrative route to the geometric.

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Sketches in Places

Hand sketched from life with a pen.

Rue de Bearn, Paris

Place des Vosges, Paris

View from Maiori, Italy

In the 8th arr., Paris

Hayes Valley, San Francisco

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Paris Neighborhood Map

Last summer I stayed at an AirBNB in the 11th district (arrondissement) of Paris. It was a cozy studio with a great view out to the Sacré Coeur in the distance. We got to know the neighborhood by walking. We would have a noisette and thé at a cafe in the morning, then proceed to explore and eat our way through the neighborhood. This map includes most of the places we visited near the 3rd district (troisieme). At the time we were there, a number of famous eateries and bakeries were closed for the summer vacation so if you're a learned Paris traveler, forgive me for going during August. Note for first-timers: don't go in August! Lots of shops are closed and most Parisians are out of town, leaving only the sweaty tourists.


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Resume Re-Design WIP

For an artist, there's nothing worse than making your own business card and designing your own resume. The agony, the OCD, the procrastinating...but sooner or later, it must be done. Here's a WIP of my re-design.

I design in black and white first to focus on composition and contrast. Then color is added in. This one has a desaturated palette.

Riesling Infographic

As a fan of Riesling, I'm often surprised how many people I meet have never tried it. So I made this infographic to give people what they need to know about Riesling. I started the design with blocking in the data and a rough layout. There were several changes as this piece developed, including moving the bottle to the right instead of my first inclination to have it be on the left. Hope this is useful to someone!

Basic layout.

Basic layout.

Final infographic.