Tintri at VMWorld 2017

Trade Show Design for Tintri at VMWorld 2017

Tintri, a storage company that bridges cloud and data center storage, wanted to make a splash at VMWorld in Las Vegas and the European VMWorld in Barcelona. The project brief called for the event booth to be unqiue to stand out from the sea of competitors, and to be enticing to guests while conveying the brand's personality. 


The Bond theme was chosen by the marketing department and under the direction of the Creative Director, I researched the iconic Bond villains and drew them in a flat graphic style using Tintri's brand colors.  Actors were cast and hired to walk the floor and encourage guests to visit the Tintri booth and play the claw machine for prizes. Additionally, the theme was to be implemented at Tintri's Las Vegas after Party. Large scale signage and images were used in the space, and the villain characters made an appearance for photo-ops with the attendees.


After the Las Vegas event, the stats for Tintri improved considerably from last year:

  • 500% increase in VMworld Party Registrants
  • 250% increase in VMworld Party Attendees
  • 177% increase in demos at the booth
  • 300 more net new individuals

For the Barcelona event, the three-day count of unique booth visitors was 4,398 (compared to 2016's count of 1732).

I also did animations of the characters for use in the booth video and for social media.

Keeping the Bond theme across different media ensures a cohesive experience.